Playhouse 22 Directors Workshop – 2011

The Playhouse 22 Directors Workshop has been established to provide a forum for new directors to exhibit their abilities and test their assumptions about staging a brief performance before an audience.  The audience along with a panel of invited experienced directors will see the results of these efforts as well as participate in a dialogue with the new directors.

The workshop program will present a first-hand and insightful glimpse into the challenges of staging a live production.

Scenes from “Lovers and Other Strangers”

Directed by Gregory Newton
Featuring:  Kerri-lynn Sirkin, Matthew Peter Murphy


Directed by Alicia M. Picone
Featuring:  Cindy Schwadel, Joe Rodriguez

All tickets are free and you will be able to participate in a talk-back with the directors, the cast and an exclusive panel of award-winning and nominated directors.

Join us on Saturday, November 19 at 8 p.m.

Light refreshments will be served.