Barefoot In The Park

Directed by Mary Lynn Dobson

“Barefoot in the Park” is presented through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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Meet the Bratters – Corie and Paul were made for each other.  Never have a couple been so much in love.  They’re a match made in heaven – or are they?  She’s free-spirited and fun loving, he’s practical and level-headed with definite stick-in-the-mud tendencies.  Their apartment is too small, it’s a zillion flights up, it’s winter, there’s no heat and it snows through the hole in the skylight.  To boot, the eccentric upstairs neighbor has to enter his apartment through their bedroom, while Corie’s well-meaning, straight-laced mother unexpectedly pops in only to complicate things further.  But worst of all, the newlyweds are faced the awful fact that the honeymoon could be over and they may have made the biggest mistake of their lives.  Tragedy? Not on your life.


Corie Bratter: Annie Brzozowski

Paul Bratter: Danny Pennacchi

Ethel Banks: Catherine Rowe

Victor Velasco: Joe Vierno

Harry Pepper: Jeff Maschi

Delivery Man: Bob Dumpert

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