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Play Selection Process 2020-2021 Season

Playhouse 22 is now accepting submissions from directors for shows for the 2020-2021 season.  


We will be considering musicals, comedies and dramas.  At this time, we have not determined how many musicals or plays that will be produced.  As always, our season runs from September to June.  

We are looking for directors who have a strong vision for the show(s) they are submitting. Directors who apply must have experience directing in other venues, must be organized, and must be willing to work with the board of our theater.

1- If you are submitting more than one play/musical (and we do encourage this), please use a SEPARATE form submission for each potential production.

2- Please fill out the form in its entirety for each production. Incomplete forms may not be considered. NOTE: If you are submitting multiple shows, you only need to fill out Q13-Q18 for your first submission.


3- Before submitting a production, please make sure that the rights for the production are available and are licensed to amateur theaters. This can be accomplished easily by looking at licensing websites, making a few phone calls, etc.

4- Please understand that we have a 200 seat theater. Though smaller plays/musicals and original plays/musicals may be considered, it is often not financially viable for us to produce these. We have made exceptions to this in the past for the right title, but please keep these logistics in mind when submitting productions.

5- All titles MUST be submitted by midnight on January 19. 


If you have any questions about our theater or this process, please email Lisa Rogol, Chair of Play Selection Committee, at