Lights! Camera!  Action! Celebrate the Oscars with Music from the Silver Screen. From the Wizard of Oz to Moana and so much more with Playhouse 22 Goes to the Movies -- our newest addition to the Playhouse 22 Virtual Stage!  

Now Streaming!

Playhouse 22 has long been built upon the generous support of donations. Through some of the most challenging times, we have been fortunate that donations from many of you have helped us present live theater at an affordable rate. These times are certainly no different.

We continue to prepare to reopen at one point next year, but in the meantime, we still have overhead costs that are critical to our operation.  

At this time we are asking for your support. A few dollars will make a world of difference in our reopening plans. Rest assured that we are committed to presenting the same quality of live theater after we reopen as you have come to expect from us. 


Watch some "live" virtual theater from the comforts of your living room.  Whether you enjoy some live music, or riveting stories and monologues or need a laugh -- we present our new Virtual Stage featuring a collection of local and regional talent.  

All here for free.  



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