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On August 28, 2018, Playhouse 22 officially dedicated the theater at the East Brunswick Community Arts Center, the Elliott Taubenslag Theater.
Named in his honor, Elliott was one of the founders of the East Brunswick Community Players, founder and director for 50 years of the East Brunswick Children's Summer Theater Program, and well-respected educator at East Brunswick High School.  

Elliott Taubenslag, a high school teacher and drama coach, received the distinguished Governor's Award for outstanding achievement in educational theater from New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, the National Recreation and Parks Association’s Dorothy Mullen Arts & Humanity Award and the New Jersey Recreation and Parks Association Award for Excellence in Programming. For many years Elliott was producer of the Jan Hus Theater in NYC. Elliott was the drama coordinator for the East Brunswick, New Jersey school system and founder and director for the East Brunswick Summer Children's Theatre.

Elliott wrote and created numerous off-Broadway productions. His plays include “Millions of Miles,” which starred the late Kay Medford and “My Name Is Alice,” which won the Bucks County Drama Festival. Elliott is also known as the inspiration behind many successful writers, performers and producers in the theater and film industry today. So much so that Elliott is the subject of a film documentary created by Maureen Mershon called “My Mentor, the Amazing Mr. T”, which was presented at the Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park New Jersey.

Elliott, along with his wife Myrna, retired to Florida to write, perform and produce shows, as well as run a recreation program at the community where he lived – but he always came back to his beloved hometown, East Brunswick, every summer, for his true labor of love…summer theatre for 50 years.  He chose to retire from this job at age 80.

Elliott passed away peacefully in March 2018 surrounded by his family. In June, “A Life Well Lived”, a celebration honoring the life and times of Elliott Taubenslag was held at Rutgers University (Elliott's Alma mater) in the Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater. The video production can be viewed on
YouTube. The legacy of Elliot Taubenslag continues to live on through his family, friends and the thousands of lives he touched along the way.

Amongst Elliott's students, include many successful artists including an Emmy Award winner, a Grammy Award winner and a Tony nominated lyricist.  


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