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There are three ways to handle your tickets:

  • Mobile tickets - The easiest thing for you to do.  Upon arrival at the Playhouse, we can easily scan your tickets. 

  • Print-at-Home - If you have a printer, please feel free to print them and we'll scan the physical tickets at the Playhouse.

  • Box Office - We can also print your tickets at the Box Office starting one hour before curtain.  All we need is your name.  

I purchased tickets and I did not receive an email. 

Check your spam and junk mail folders.  Once you have purchased tickets, it is an automatic process and you should have your tickets in the inbox within minutes of the purchase.  When purchasing tickets, PLEASE make sure you have correctly entered your email address. 

Is there a fee to buy tickets online?
No.  Whether you buy them online or at the Box Office, ticket prices are the same.  There are no credit card fees, as we absorb them in the ticket price.

Can you buy tickets at the door the day of the performance?
Yes.  Unless the show is sold out, tickets are available at the door.


Are there Box Office hours?
Not really.  As Playhouse 22 is a volunteer-operated theater, we do not have regularly scheduled Box Office hours.  However, simply leave a message and a volunteer will call you back.  We check the voice mail nearly every day and most of the time we will be able to call you back in the evenings. On performance days, the box office is normally open one hour prior to and one hour after curtain.

What happens if it snows and the show is cancelled?

In the case of inclement weather, you can exchange your ticket for another performance of the same show.  Refunds are available only if the show is cancelled.

What is the “Township of East Brunswick Surcharge?”
Two dollars on every ticket sold is allocated to the Township of East Brunswick to maintain the East Brunswick Community Arts Center.

We have a gift certificate for Playhouse 22.  How do we redeem them?
Each gift certificate has a code on them.  On the Box Office page on the website, you will see a white box in the right-hand corner saying “Please enter GIFT CERTIFICATE codes here,” simply enter the code and follow the instructions.


Are there assigned seats?

Yes.  Unless noted, all seats are assigned.

What is meant by "General Admission"?

General Admission seats are non-assigned seats.  They are on a first come-first serve basis.  Note that the majority of Playhouse 22 performances are assigned seating.


What is the "Studio Theater at Playhouse 22"?

The Studio Theater is a separate performing arts space outside of our normal theater.  Seating is not reserved and limited seating is available.


Do you keep my credit card information?

No.  Playhouse 22 and Arts People, our ticket vendor, does not keep this information.  Tickets purchased online are done through a secure website.    

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