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September 2015

Directed by Tom Frascatore

Music Direction by A.J. Meeker
Choreography by Shona Roebuck

Roman Sohor as Max
Dan Peterson as Leo
Hannah Schroeder as Ulla
James Grausam as Roger
Christopher Cantu as Franz
Frank Falisi as Carmen

Sarah Braka
Anthony Competello
Christa DiLalo
Jeremiah Grant
Katie Hilosky
Jerome John
Megan Liberty
Caitlyn Manning
Marissa Marciano
Dwight Merritt
Mikayla Petrilla
Mark Piltz, Jr.
Leigh Suznovich
Marc Suznovich
Mary Jo Tort Bergeron
Jenna Zielinski


Febraury 2016

Directed by Mark Kalet

Music direction by Chris Curcio

Choreography by Jaime Moritz

Katy Widmer as Olive
Julie Stein as Logainne
Jenny Weiner as Rona
Maria Aromando as Marcy
Anthony Competello as Barfee
Stephen Belfatti as Mitch
Brett Hennessey Jones as Chip
Jack Tomy as Leaf
Patrick Andrae as Panch


November 2015

Directed by Gregory Newton

Matt Guerra as Lt. j.g. Daniel A. Kaffee
Adriana Spizuoco as Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway
Steve Yates as Lt. Jack Ross
Michael Widmer as Col. Nathan Jessep
Joe Zedeny as Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg
Fred Dennehy as Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph
Pat Lithgow as Pfc. Louden Downey
Frank Kelly as Capt. Isaac Whitaker
Peter Reimann as Lt. Col. Matthew A. Markinson
Axel Carrion as Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson
Zach Caruso as Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick
Dennis Tolentino as Pfc. William T. Santiago
Carmen Balentine as Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard
Barry Leonard as Cmdr. Walter Stone
George Jenkins Jr. as Sergeant at Arms
Bart Philly as Tom

Wit Andy Rodriguez


April 2016

Directed by Deborah Pedretti

Joseph Kalet as Jay

Ryan Gordon as Arty

Lee Grabelsky as Eddie

Anamaria Kalet as Bella

Sherry Lilenfeld as Grandma Kurnitz

Rupert Ravens as Louis

Jackie Master as Aunt Gert


December 2015

Adapted and Directed by Tony Adase

Fred Dennehy as Ebenezer Scrooge
Erik Hall as Bob Cratchit
Lisa Black as Mrs. Cratchit
Kerri-lynn Shea as Martha Cratchit
Ryan Gordon as Peter Cratchit
Marissa Marciano as Mary Cratchit
Phoebe Hall as Belinda Cratchit
Sam Moffett as Tiny Tim
Rupert Ravens as the Narrator
Peter Reimann as Marley’s Ghost 
Jackie Master as Spirit of Christmas Past/Miss Flora
Chris Rowland as Spirit of Christmas Present 
Russ Ortiz as Fezziwig/Poor Man/Junk Broker
Jamie Babington as Barbara/Poor Man’s Wife
Rudy Palma as Nephew Fred
Rachel Green as Fan/Laundress
Kristen Umansky as Alice
Eric Hollenbeck as Young Ebenezer
Deby Brandt as Mrs. Bumley
James Moffett as Ignorance
Maddie Schiavo as Want/Turkey Girl
Elena Marie Chalcraft as Charity Worker
and Linda Newton as Mrs. Marchon


June 2016

Directed by Mary Lynn Dobson

Music Direction by Raymond Zipf

Choreography by Jen Hanselman

Michael Schiumo as John Adams of Massachusetts
Richard Butler as Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania
Jo Ellen Miller Burton as Abigail Adams of Massachusetts
Paul Lasky as Thomas Jefferson of Virginia
Debbie Lingel as Martha Jefferson of Virginia
Roger Dornbierer as John Dickinson of Pennsylvania
Roman Sohor as Richard Henry Lee of Virginia
Matt Lafargue as Edward Rutledge of South Carolina
Robert Dumpert as Stephen Hopkins of Rhode Island
Erik D. Hall as John Hancock of Massachusetts
Jon Heron as Caesar Rodney of Delaware
Eric Hollenbeck as George Read of Delaware
Dr. Josiah Bartlett of New Hampshire    Gary Hoos
Rob Michael Lasky as Col. McKean of Delaware
Rex Morgan as Lewis Morris of New York
Frank Norek as Joseph Hewes of North Carolina
Rupert Ravens as Rev. John Witherspoon of New Jersey
Ivan Rushfield as Robert Livingston of New York
Mark Schumacher as Samuel Chase of Maryland
Bryan Siegel as James Wilson of Pennsylvania
Michael Stratton as Roger Sherman of Connecticut
Jonathan Wierzbicki as Dr. Lyman Hall of Georgia
Kevin Dittman as Andrew McNair
Bill Osman as Charles Thomson
Ethan Lynch as the Courier
Justin Cere as Leather Apron
Jay Sundell-Understudy

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