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September 2016

Directed by Jim Jarrell

Music Direction by Candice Kraus

Choreography by Phil Solomon

Michael Korner as The Emcee

Hannah Schroeder as Sally Bowles

Jonathan Wells as Cliff Bradshaw

Jesse Principale as Fräulein Schneider

Howard Smith, Jr. as Herr Schultz

Brandon Arias as Ernst Ludwig

Kara Wilson as Fräulein Kost

Michael Zimmerman as Max

Will Baez

Melanie Belonis

Cassandra Dougherty

Meg Fry

Tyron Howard

Samantha Chase Kestenbaum

Brett Miller

Richard Romanko

Jenna Zielinski


Febraury 2017

Directed by Jon Heron

Vince Bandille as Willy Loman

Donne Petito as Linda Loman

Matthew Guerra as Biff Loman

Jake Zillioux as Happy Loman

Peter Sauer as Charley

Douglas Brautigam as Ben

Eric Hollenbeck as Bernard

Stephen Mennella as Howard

Joy Salerno as the Woman

Rupert Ravens as Stanley

Kathleen Ann Gallagher as Jenny

Jennifer Moffett as Miss Forsythe


November 2016

Directed by Lynn Polan

Mike Levine as Vanya

Ana Kalet as Sonia

Judy Venturini as Masha

Charles Acosta as Spike

Letitia Townes as Cassandra

Candy Predham as Nina


March/April 2017

Directed by Christian Carrara

Musical Direction by Raymond Zipf

Choreography by Raven Dunbar

CJ Carter as Danny Zuko
Maddie Chmielowicz as Sandy Dumbrowski
Jaclyn Angstreich as Betty Rizzo
Julie Freeman as Frenchy
Katy Widmer as Marty
Jessica Musolino as Jan
Kevin Albanese as Doody
Mark Piltz, Jr. as Kenickie
Alexander Portera as Sonny Latierri
Tyler Barnick as Roger
Kelly Kline as Patty Simcox
Melanie Belonis as Cha-Cha DiGregorio
JC DeMaria as Eugene Florczyk
Sherry Lilenfeld as Miss Lynch
Thom Boyer as Vince Fontaine
Chris Abbott as Johnny Casino
and featuring Lindsey Jordon and William DeJianne


December 2016

Adapted and Directed by Tony Adase

Fred Dennehy as Ebenezer Scrooge
Erik D. Hall as Bob Cratchit
Lisa Black as Mrs. Cratchit
Kristin Sarboukh as Martha Cratchit
Ryan Gordon as Peter Cratchit
Phoebe Hall as Mary Cratchit
Sierra Nelson as Belinda Cratchit
Sam Moffett as Tiny Tim
Rupert Ravens as The Narrator
Peter Reimann as Marley’s Ghost
Jacqueline Master as Spirit of Christmas Past/Miss Flora
Chris Rowland as Spirit of Christmas Present
John Pinto as Mr. Fezziwig/Poor Man
Jamie Babington as Barbara/Poor Woman
Matt Gochman as Nephew Fred
Rachel Elise Green as Fan/Laundress
Kristen Umansky as Alice
Eric Hollenbeck as Young Ebenezer
Denise Sobotka as Mrs. Bumley
James Moffett as Ignorance
Madison Schiavo as Want
Elena Marie Chalcraft as Charity Worker
Linda Newton as Mrs. Marchon
Marissa Marciano as Miss Windsor
Jacquie Nelson as Mrs. Wilkins


June 2017

Directed by Tom Frascatore

Music Direction by Mark McGee

Choreography by Shona Roebuck

Jim Jarrell as the Man in Chair
Lora Nicolas as Janet
Shawn Doremus as Robert
Justin Luckenbaugh as George
Cindy Chait as the Drowsy Chaperone
Joe Zedeny as Aldolpho
Joanne Sternberg as Tottendale
Lisa Rogol as Trix
Dan Slothower as Underling
Roman Sohor as Feldzig
Julie Freeman as Kitty
Dave Murray and Bobby Marusiefski as the Gangsters

With Angela Dohl, Molly Karlin, Pete Matseur, CeCe Resto, and Sylvie Schuetz

"ON THE EDGE" Black Box Series


November 2016

Directed by Jeff Seesselberg

Thom Boyer as David Frost

Peter Reimann as Richard Nixon

Zach Caruso as Jim Reston

Joe Zedeny as Jack Brennan
Gregory Koblentz as John Birt

Marc Suznovich as Bob Zelnick

Lee Grabelsky as Swifty Lazar/Ollie

Ashley Kipness as Caroline Cushing

Devin Massih as Evonne/Ensemble

Andy Rodriquez as Manolo Sanchez


April/May 2017

Directed by Jennifer Moffett

Jessica Freeland

Eric Hackler

Dan Keyser

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