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Before attending a performance, guests are expected to review this website and follow these guidelines:

  • These guidelines were made in conjunction with the Township of East Brunswick’s policies and those established by the State of New Jersey.  We have instituted a no-excuse rule and the safety and welfare of our guests and our volunteers come first. 

  • Currently, masks are not required when attending a Playhouse 22 production, however due to the close quarters in the theater, they are recommended.

  • All cast, crew and Playhouse 22 volunteers will be required to be fully-vaccinated according to guidance by government agencies.

  • Playhouse 22 is currently selling tickets at full capacity, per local, state and federal guidance; however, if any performance needs to be rescheduled to address new rules, we will contact you regarding your options.

  • The safety and welfare of guests, performers and those volunteering at Playhouse 22 is paramount.  If at any point, we feel that the safety and welfare of anyone is in jeopardy, we will take whatever steps necessary to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

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